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Our public organizing calls

Please join our open organizing calls on the first and third Mondays of each month @ 8pm ET/5pm PT. Register here (you will receive an email reminder before each call).

Our working groups

If you’re interested in joining any of our working groups, click on any of these links and then click the “Subscribe to this group” link:

Seed Distribution Hubs

Create food security, start a seed hub!
Do you want to distribute free seeds locally for the Cooperative Gardens Commission?  Please sign up using this form!

If several organizations volunteer in your area, we will contact you and ask if you are willing to combine forces for local distribution.

We recognize and value everyone’s efforts to build this coalition. Movement building takes time and involves many parts. CGC is prioritizing high-need areas and communities in this first Seed Hub rollout.  Even if you are not asked to operated as Seed Hub at this time, there are still ways to contribute to CGC. We would ask that you combine forces with others near to you (with their consent) as soon as you are able. Additionally, if you save your own heirloom and OP seeds and are able to donate to CGC, we would appreciate donations in order to keep our donations stocked. 

CGC is working on establishing regional facilitators to help you organize in your community. If you are interested, please email us at cooperativegardens@gmail.com “Subject: Regional Seed Hub Facilitator _______” and name your region.