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Free Seed Distribution

Help get seeds to people who need them!

Just as consumers began “panic buying” and hoarding food and supplies bought from stores, seed companies around the world began seeing huge increases in sales. Many of the earliest CGC organizers are seed farmers or represent seed companies and non-profits, so we knew very quickly that access to seeds would be a major challenge for people trying to grow food for themselves and their communities, and thus the CGC Seed Distribution Working Group was formed. 

We decided to form a central hub for taking in bulk seed donations and redistributing them to people in need via local and regional hubs. Making Worlds Bookstore in West Philadelphia offered their pandemic-shuttered storefront as the main hub (though seeds are mailed to a different location), and a wonderful team of volunteers came together to do the work. Over 250 groups and individuals applied to be local hubs, and a selection committee worked hard to determine which applicants would receive seeds first and how many they would receive. We determined early on to prioritize projects led by and supporting BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color).

As of June 1st, 2020, most of the first round of applicants have received seed already, and the last few dozen are being processed. It may be too late to apply and receive seeds for the summer growing season, but we are still asking you to apply if you are interested in distribution seeds for late summer or fall plantings, or for next year. Please click the link to access the application form.

If you have bulk seeds you’d like to donate, please email details and contact information to cooperativegardens@gmail.com. Thank you!

To find free seeds near you, zoom into the map on the front page.